– Investing in its Sustainable in a Gener

– Investing in its Sustainable in a Generation Plan: Mars is investing $1 billion over the next few years to accelerate progress against urgent threats. – A 인천출장샵 new sourcing strategy: the company will move away from a traditional commodity approach, changing the way it sources key agricultural materials to help address key sustainability challenges – including GHG emissions, water stress, land use, human rights and income. 인천출장샵 It will initially focus on 10 key ingredients where the impact is greatest, including cocoa, fish, rice, and mint, among others. – Putting sustainability at the core of our business: Mars is combining procurement and sustainability to bring sustainability into the core of the business 밀양출장샵 and to balance decision-making. – Deepening collaboration: to deliver change at scale, there is a focus on deepening existing industry collaboration and NGO partnerships, and on 수원출장샵 starting new ones.

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